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SodiusWillert is committed to solutions that enable the continuous information flow across the product development lifecycle.

Webinar: Integrate the Engineering Lifecycle with OSLC Connect for Jira

04 Feb 21
In highly-regulated industries, systems and software engineering teams often need to connect their Change Management...

How to streamline the engineering lifecycle across tool silos

03 Feb 21
There is hardly a technical device today which does not come with software-enabled capabilities to enhance the user...

What's new in OSLC Connect for Windchill 3.3.0?

29 Jan 21
We are proud to announce our 3.3.0 release of OSLC Connect for Windchill. This release is focused on our large...

What’s new in the OSLC Connect for Jira 2.5.0 release?

19 Jan 21
OSLC Connect for Jira 2.5.0 is here! We’re excited to share with you these great new features and usability...

Webinar: Export or Migrate Systems Models to Cameo MagicDraw

12 Jan 21
In Aerospace and Defense, some DoD contracts have mandated delivery of MagicDraw/Cameo models. For organizations...

What's New in the Migration Toolkit for DOORS?

11 Dec 20
The Migration Toolkit for DOORS is SodiusWillert’s newest data migration solution. Keep reading to learn more about...

Introducing the Migration Toolkit for DOORS

04 Dec 20
Migrating requirements without losing data may be a challenging task for most companies, and working at your team’s...

Atlassian goes to the Cloud - but you have options!

29 Oct 20
A few weeks ago, Atlassian announced their plan to focus on Cloud offering for their Jira Software product, pushing...

Webinar: bridging the gap between ALM and PLM assets

28 Oct 20
As products are becoming smarter and more software-driven than ever before, complex product development...

MagicDraw Publisher for Rhapsody 2.3.0 release

13 Oct 20
The latest release of MagicDraw (Cameo) Publisher for Rhapsody is now available!

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