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Explore and deliver mandated Cameo/MagicDraw™ file formats without changing modeling tools.

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Deliver mandated file formats with systems model transformation solutions.

In Aerospace and Defense, some Department of Defense contracts have mandated delivery of MagicDraw/Cameo models. For organizations heavily invested in their modeling tool, this impedes their productivity and quality by an implied mandate of changing tools.

So, when your customer requires models to be delivered in a different tool format such as MagicDraw, what can you do?

What you need in a systems model transformation tool

While several tools now support the standard, systems engineers need an automatic, fast, and consistent exchange solution that produces customer-ready deliveries from your modeling tool to MagicDraw. A solution handling both SysML as the standard language for system description and standard deviations or variances that exist between tools. And let’s not forget the aesthetic and communication benefits of preserving well-formed diagrams!

Do you want to migrate or export your models without spending months or years of critical engineering resources converting and validating re-written models, losing data in the migration, or having concerns about learning a new tool? The MagicDraw Publisher product family is what you need.

Quickly migrate years of modeling

We know large models are common in Aerospace and Defense. The MagicDraw Publisher products scale to the needs of your transformation whether it is 100’s or 1000’s diagrams. Save months or years of critical engineering by automating the migration or publication of models to MagicDraw to meet industry standards within minutes or hours.​

Accurately migrate model data

Manually migrating data from one modeling tool to another can be prone to error. The MagicDraw Publisher products accurately migrate model elements, diagrams, and layouts created in your current modeling tool to MagicDraw. With a fully automated transformation, data is converted consistently within and between projects, in a reproducible way. ​Any transferred data is uniquely identified preserving traceability after the conversion. ​

Preserve the value of your system's models

The MagicDraw Publisher products preserve your legacy systems modeling investment by significantly reducing transformation manpower costs. It also guarantees the quality and intent of your legacy models are maintained within the new model.​

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Exchange systems models from your preferred modeling tool to Cameo/MagicDraw

The MagicDraw Publisher product range makes it easy for you to transform your IBM Rhapsody®, IBM Rational® Software Architect, or UNICOM System Architect® models to Cameo MagicDraw.

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