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Elaborating system models is a demanding task that is best performed in a familiar tool environment that provides the capabilities required by the experts. No need to worry, if your project partners or customers rely on Cameo/MagicDraw. SodiusWillert systems model transformation tools will convert your models to the mandated format.

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What is Systems Model Exchange?

Systems models developed in the aerospace and defense industry are very large and consist of many diagrams and elements from different specialized domains such as UML, SysML, DoDAF, or UPDM. As a result, these "systems of systems" projects are distributed among a number of contractors who develop their subsystem(s) using the modeling tools best suited to their particular tasks. At the time of integration, all subsystem models must be in the same format for further processing, e.g. Cameo/MagicDraw.

By transforming your models to Cameo/MagicDraw format your investment in specialized modeling tools is protected, your engineers stay in their familiar environment, and you deliver the mandated format to your customer.

Why you need a systems model exchange solution

For good reason, you have decided to invest in the modeling tool that you have deployed. It provides the capabilities your systems engineers need to do their job, and over time, there is probably a large library of models, representing a valuable intellectual property that is worth to be preserved.

When your customer requires delivery of Cameo/MagicDraw models, or you take the business decision to migrate to MagicDraw, you'll need to find ways to convert your models to the MagicDraw format. Do you want to spend months or years of critical engineering resources converting and validating re-written models, losing data in the migration? Do you have concerns about learning a new tool? The MagicDraw Publisher product family is what you need: an automated, fast, and consistent exchange solution that produces MagicDraw models ready for migration or for delivery to your customer.

Quickly migrate years of modeling

We know large models are common in Aerospace and Defense. The MagicDraw Publisher products scale to the needs of your transformation whether it is 100’s or 1000’s diagrams. Save months or years of project duration by automating the migration or publication of models to MagicDraw to meet industry standards within minutes or hours.​ Traceability is preserved by unique identifiers for each transformed data item.

Optimize use of critical engineering resources

Manually migrating data from one modeling tool to another can be a tedious, time-consuming and error-prone task that should not be imposed on your engineers. SodiusWillert tools for systems model transformation ensure a reliable and accurate conversion of model elements, diagrams, and layouts to MagicDraw, in an automated and reproducible way.

Preserve the value of your system's models

Rely on our MagicDraw Publisher tools and stop worrying about preserving the intellectual property of your existing system models when migrating to MagicDraw. SodiusWillert MagicDraw Publisher tools help you migrate models created with your legacy tools - automatically, reliably, and quickly, without compromising the quality and intent of your models.

Improve collaboration and shorten development time

Eliminate rework, gaps, and misunderstandings caused by disconnected processes. Our MagicDraw Publisher tools make it easy to bridge modeling domains that previously struggled to collaborate due to disparate, incompatible tools. No need to enforce use of the same unified tool across all domains.

Empower your engineers

Let your systems engineers continue to work in the specialized tool environment that best enables them to do their jobs. They can continue to focus on developing intelligent systems instead of being distracted by a new tool, even if your customer requires model delivery in MagicDraw format.

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