Engineering Efficiency Empowerment Workshop

Leverage SodiusWillert expertise and let us jointly explore your engineering environment regarding status, needs, objectives and future demands. In this workshop we clarify your specific needs and help you introduce tools and associated new methods and processes as needed.

Proven expertise: tools, best practices, methods, and processes

There are many reasons that may require changes to an engineering environment. New compliance requirements may emerge, existing requirements can be changed, a tool has to be replaced, new tasks have to be integrated, and much more. At SodiusWillert, our experts cover all engineering lifecycle phases from requirements to quality assurance. Our expertise extends beyond tools to include best practices and standard processes as well as integration across tool boundaries. Your needs determine the content and delivery format of our support: with coaching, training, workshops, support, or customization, we have assisted our clients in many successful projects.

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Step 1: localize the bottleneck

Together, we spend half a day to jointly explore your needs and possible measures. We discuss your expectations regarding the value of a potential consulting project and whether our services can meet your expectations. It is your decision if we proceed on this path together or not.

Step 2: take targeted measures

We will agree with you on the scope of consulting, time frame, costs, and deadlines. We impart basic knowledge in training courses with well-proven content, and we are open to working with you on individually tailored curricula to improve your value from the training. In workshops, we elicit new or adapted processes and methods as needed.

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Step 3: one-stop shopping

We will advise you during the selection and evaluation of suitable tools if needed. Our customers benefit from working with a single point of contact for selection and implementation, customization and integration of tools, consulting on methods and processes, for training, workshops, accompanying coaching, and ongoing support for day-to-day operations.

Your advantage: our experience


Continuous improvement in software and systems engineering secures your sustainable success. We are helping clients in about 50 projects per year, with actual state analysis, evaluation and selection of tools, and taking action.

A key success factor for our customers is our capability to oversee the complete scenario of methods and processes, actual and targeted maturity level, the scope of services provided by the existing environment, plus delivery and if needed, customization and deployment of necessary software tools. And we are at your side with ongoing support for as long as you wish. Because we know your environment inside out, you benefit from short response times and precise advice.

So if you're faced with the need to consider changes to your engineering environment to respond to new demands, let's talk and see how this Engineering Efficiency Empowerment workshop can help you. Whether it's new functionality, new tools, new documentation requirements, or new process requirements, in the two days of this workshop you'll gain clarity on gaps, needs, and actions to respond to them. 


See how our Engineering Efficiency Empowerment workshop could help your engineering projects succeed. 

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