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XML-based Data Synchronization on Rhapsody

Modeling is a powerful paradigm to represent relationships between a set of engineering artifacts.

One of our clients in the aerospace industry is using a complex engineering entity-relationship model implemented as a profile (i.e. a language extension) of the SysML language to map XSD (XML Schema Definition) instances. This mapping allows the import, display, and edition of XSD models in IBM Rhapsody.

Regulatory Impact Analysis and Component Failure Impact Analysis

Semantics-based Data Repositories for the Aerospace Industry

Large organizations need to share and reuse data across many engineering functions. While grouping engineers around product functions is utilized to mitigate the “silo effect,” the use of various tools and models requires an efficient means to exchange information.

Sodius builds multi-disciplinary data repositories with the SECollab platform. Customers leverage our services to access the support in SECollab for rich, custom engineering models authored across several tools. The result is a web-based, scalable W3C Resource Description Framework (RDF) repository that provides a federate view and access to all information needed across multi-disciplinary teams.

Comply with Engineering Requirements and Collaborative Engineering Software

Model-based Systems Engineering Impact Analysis Wizard

The benefit of creating elaborated systems engineering models is clearly harnessed through the enablement of impact analysis functions.

With our dedicated services we create customized impact analysis functions by enabling our MDWorkbench platform to understand the semantics of complex SysML models for our customers.

Comply with Engineering Requirements and Engineering Design Reviews

Leading AUTOSAR Support

We support AUTOSAR at its core by implementing the official AUTOSAR-support for the IBM Rhapsody tool suite. Our implementation includes the AUTOSAR profile as well as the ARXML import and export functions, as provided in IBM Rhapsody. We also maintain ECU extract and tool migration in upgrade and downgrade capacities.

In addition, we support the AUTOSAR metamodel through our MDWorkbench model transformation framework. This support enables our customers to extract and reuse their AUTOSAR models across all stages of design up to their suppliers..

DOORS Systems Engineering and PTC Software Products

Continuous Requirement Engineering between OEMs & Suppliers

The technology we developed at Sodius helps companies to communicate through the exchange of complex engineering data.

For example, we enable the process-coordinated exchange of product requirements models between IBM DOORS (used at an automotive OEM) and PTC Integrity (used at the suppliers).

Despite the heterogeneous tool setting, our semantic-based model transformation platform, MDWorkbench, is the key to allowing these tools to communicate and support a continuous engineering process between companies across the supply chain.

Systems Engineering Lifecycle and Collaborative Engineering Software

With Willert AG, Our Partner in the German Automotive Industry

We strengthen our experience in the automotive industry by proposing customized software engineering solutions that cater to their advanced needs, such as system functional behavior verification.
Collaborative Engineering Software and Engineering Design Reviews

Design Review Process with SECollab

We support our defense clients in their mission to accelerate the collaboration processes across value chain and procurement.

For the defense industry, we adapt our SECollab design review platform to support the NATO Architecture Framework (NAF) and other defense-specific needs.

DOORS Tool and Comply with Engineering Requirements

Data Federation Platform Leverages W3C Resource Description Framework (RDF)

Industries in the defense sector and beyond use a variety of tools to support their engineering needs.

We provide data extraction and transformation services to federate, i.e. gather all data formats in a seamless and uniform manner in our SECollab platform. After transformation, engineering data sets are expressed in RDF and can be explored in a web browser.

Engineering Traceability and Comply with Engineering Requirements

Systems Engineering is About Format and Tool Convergence

Systems Engineering is complex and inevitably leads to a diverse data flow stemming from tools and format.

Sodius is the number one company in the world for enabling model-driven data collaboration across a large set of tools and formats.

Comply with Engineering Requirements and Systems Engineering Lifecycle

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