Solutions to meet safety and certification requirements

Developing safety-critical products can involve a significant extra effort to achieve regulatory compliance. Reduce this effort with SodiusWillert's safety-critical system development tools. Our tools help you ensure and demonstrate compliance with IEC 61508, ISO 26262, DO 178B, DoDAF, and other standards.

safety and certification requirements

What is special about safety and certification requirements

When developing products to be used in a safety-critical environment, a whole range of additional mandatory features must be taken into account, primarily to prevent any damage caused by the product. The number and scope of these features increase with the potential risks associated with the operation of the product and with the complexity of the product.

These mandatory safety-related requirements affect the development techniques and processes as well as the functional and non-functional capabilities of the product itself.

Why you need tool solutions to meet safety and certification requirements

Your engineers are experts in developing smart solutions for your customers. They are not necessarily experts in the standards and certification tests you must pass before you can bring your product to market. But they need to be if you are using purely manual means to try to develop safety-critical systems in compliance with the prescribed procedures and provide the documentation required by the certification authorities.

SodiusWillert tools support the development of safety critical systems, and most of the work required to get your safety critical product approved will be covered by the tool environment. Your engineers will be guided through the processes as needed, and most of the documentation required for certification will be generated automatically or with automated support, and will always be up to date.

Get your products to market faster

Thanks to the integrated tools that support the entire engineering lifecycle, no requirement is overseen or forgotten. Our tool environment for the development and certification of safety-critical systems helps you to ensure that all requirements are taken into account. There is no time-consuming rework because prescribed functions have slipped out of sight.

Best practices for successful certification

SodiusWillert's tool environment for safety-critical systems comes with detailed documentation on proven practices for successful development and certification of safety-critical software, helping you to build and adapt your certification-relevant processes much faster.

Maintain requirements traceability

Traceability is a mandatory capability in regulated industries. Vendors must be able to show traceability from high-level requirements through design, development, and testing. SodiusWillert's tools help you ensure this seamless traceability throughout the engineering lifecycle.

Maintain control over change impacts

Changes are inevitable. After approval, changes to your product requirements may occur due to new or modified compliance regulations. Ensure that any change to an approved requirement goes through a mandatory review process to ensure that the scope and impact of that change are fully understood and unforeseen side effects are avoided.

How SodiusWillert helps ensure compliance with standards

SodiusWillert aids in developing safety-critical products by providing tools that help reduce the effort and time needed for certification, ensuring all mandatory safety features are addressed and no requirements are overlooked, thus accelerating the market readiness of safety-critical products. Here's how SodiusWillert helps:


UML-based development for safety-regulated industries. Meet IEC 61508, ISO 26262, DO 178B, DoDAF, and other standards with an end-to-end lifecycle environment.

Explore Embedded UML RXF-Cert


Use UML modeling for software development, even for embedded systems with limited memory and processor capacity. Reduce time-to-market and increase product quality.

Explore Embedded UML Studio


Requirements Studio by SodiusWillert provides requirements management with IBM DOORS and connects requirements management with architecture management.

Explore Requirements Studio


IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next enables all relevant stakeholders to contribute to your project. Increase efficiency and product quality.

Explore IBM DOORS Next


IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS allows you to benefit from a comprehensive range of functions for capturing, tracking, analyzing, and managing requirements.


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