How To Download

Thank you for your decision to evaluate or purchase tools and add-ons from SodiusWillert. We help you get your products to market faster and with higher quality by integrating development tools, increasing team productivity and fostering team collaboration.

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Download and install Eclipse plug-ins

A. Typical Installation

Here is the procedure to install the Sodius products through our Eclipse update site:

  1. In Eclipse, click Help > Install New Software…
  2. In the Install dialog, type the following link in the Work with field: If you experience problems connecting to the update site, please jump to the section Alternative offsite installation for advanced users below to get more instructions.
  3. Select the feature you wish to download and click Next, and then follow the installation instructions.

B. Alternative offsite installation for advanced users

If you experience problems connecting to the update site, you can install any of our products using zip files:

  1. Download our offline update zip file and install the desired software using the Eclipse Install dialog: Select from the Eclipse Menu Help->Install New Software. Click the “Archive…” button at the top right of the window and locate where you downloaded the file.
  2. Select the product that you want to install from the list.
  3. Please refer to our products’ System requirements for additional downloads.

C. Get a license

To run our products, you need a valid license, please follow the instructions given here: get a license.

DXL Editor Pro direct download

A. Download and installation

By using the direct download links provided, you’ll get a Windows installer runnable on your computer.

B. Get a license

To run DXL Editor Pro, you need a valid license, please follow the instructions given here: get a license.

Download tools and add-ons for your engineering lifecycle environment

To get access to the tools you purchased, please email us at and include the following information:

  • Your company, including department and address information
  • Your name and phone number
  • The exact designation of the software you are going to download, including version number (or just "latest")
  • Any other details we should know

We will contact you as soon as we have verified the details provided and will get back to you with detailed instructions for downloading your software. We are committed to working with you to ensure that your new tools are seamlessly integrated into your environment, and we will be happy to assist you along the entire journey.