Manage Your SodiusWillert Licenses

SodiusWillert License Manager enables the usage of floating licenses installed on a server that can be served to multiple workstations

Typical Setup

We provide an installer to easily install and configure the SodiusWillert License Manager on a Windows server. This is the recommended option to install the license manager. Here is the installer: sodiuswillert-license-manager-1.2.0.exe

Vendor Daemon (for advanced FlexNet users)

If you already have a FlexNet License Server Manager installed on a Windows server, and if you don’t want to install a second license manager, you have the option to add the Sodius FlexNet vendor daemon on top of your existing license server. Please refer to the “Managing Licenses from Multiple Software Publishers” chapter of the Flexera License Administration Guide for more information. This option is available for administrators already familiar with FlexNet based products.

SodiusWillert License Manager requires a Windows operating system. Other operating systems are not supported.

License File Installation

Once you receive a license file from SodiusWillert, you must install this license:

  1. Rename the license file you received to license.lic and copy it into the folder <Sodius License Manager>licenses (you must overwrite the existing file).
  2. Click the Windows menu Start > All Programs > Sodius > License Manager > FlexNet Utilities (or run <Sodius License Manager>/bin/lmtools.exe)
  3. Select the Start/Stop/Reread tab in the opened LMTOOLS application.
  4. Select the service Sodius License Manager in the FlexNet services list.
  5. Click Start Server.