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Profiles are a means to adapt IBM Rhapsody to the domain or project needs, offering an incredible wealth of capabilities that users may find difficult to leverage. Using profiles, organizations can customize IBM Rhapsody for their process, workflow, or environment. Manually creating, editing, and maintaining profiles can be time-consuming, cumbersome, and heavily prone to error. Profile Builder for IBM Rhapsody is a graphic modeling environment, making creating, editing, and maintaining profiles much easier and faster with a much higher degree of consistency.

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Get more from your profiles

Every domain has its specific terminology, and every organization has its processes and workflows. Profile Builder makes it easy for you to adapt IBM Rhapsody to the needs of your organization. Add new stereotypes and constraints, create perspectives, custom "add new" menus, custom drawing toolbars, and more. 

Profile Builder provides a comprehensive set of capabilities to accelerate adapting and customizing IBM Rhapsody to the needs of your organization. Learn more about the capabilities below.

Uses Cases

Working with stereotypes

Stereotypes are the keystone of domain specific language profiles. However, defining the stereotype is only the start. Stereotypes may have constraints to control their application in a model, they appear on menus and drawing toolbars, and so on – all of which has to be performed by hand often using long textual comma separated lists. Profile Builder makes this much easier, faster, and ensures consistency.

Managing properties

Properties are key to how Rhapsody works but there are thousands of them. Profile Builder simplifies management of properties by:

  • Property files import and export: Profile Builder can import property files into models and turn models into property files. No more manual copying & pasting text between property files.

  • Generating property perspectives: Property perspectives in IBM Rhapsody are a kind of filter mechanism to help users understand available properties. Creating property perspectives manually is laborious and prone to error. Profile Builder can generate them.

  • Generating conditional properties. These are very powerful and are the keystone of perspectives. They are very difficult to write by hand. Profile Builder allows them to be modeled and generated.

Creating and maintaining perspectives

The user interface of IBM Rhapsody offers many dimensions of flexibility for customizing, e.g. based on a level of experience or user role. This is accomplished by perspectives. However, creating perspectives is laborious and prone to error. Profile builder simplifies and accelerates customization by generating perspectives.

Customize "add new" menus

IBM Rhapsody allows the creation of customized "add new" menus for new terms, providing guidance to the modeler in adding elements to the model. However, these are long, complex comma separated lists. Profile builder allows them to be modeled using the already defined stereotypes, reducing typographical errors and speeding up the creation and modification of menus drastically.

Helper files

Many profiles include additional helpers to  automate routine tasks and simplify the daily work with IBM Rhapsody. To load helpers into IBM Rhapsody and provide menus to the user to invoke them, profile authors or editors have to manually write helper files – a tedious and error prone task. Profile builder generates helper files, eliminating errors and saving time.

Guide me's and checklists

Guide Me's in IBM Rhapsody are a means to provide embedded ‘cheat sheets’ providing lightweight guidance to users. They are written in a proprietary text based format, therefore tedious to write and prone to error. Profile builder allows you to define guide me's in a graphic modeling environment and generates the actual guide me files for you. 

Checklists are an improved html-based version of the Guide Me concept and can include advanced formatting, embedded media and so on, all modeled and automatically generated by Profile builder.

Context patterns

Context patterns are a text-based pattern matching language that Rhapsody uses in various places. Examples for usage are definition of  queries, table layout content or customizing model browsers. These are very difficult to write by hand. Profile builder allows them to be modeled – and can automatically generate queries, table layouts and custom model browsers from such patterns.

Don’t start from Scratch

Profile builder for IBM Rhapsody allows the creation of a new profile from scratch but can also take over the maintenance of an existing one by reverse engineering its textual properties / files into a model, including:

  • Helper files
  • Property files
  • Guide Mes
  • Property perspectives
  • "Add new" menus

Curious to learn more?

A full series of videos is available for you at Youtube. You'll find videos demonstrating all the great capabilities of Profile Builder for IBM Rhapsody, helping you to get a first hand impression of the huge value Profile Builder can have for your organization. Make sure to bookmark our "Profile Builder for IBM Rhapsody" playlist on Youtube. Don't forget to check back for new videos we're adding.

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