SodiusWillert Workshops & Coaching for Systems & Software Engineering

Benefit from our experience from many successful consulting projects with our customers. Together with you, we determine your specific needs and support you in the introduction of tools and the associated new methods and processes as needed. Our offer includes workshops, coaching, training or individual support services.

Engineering advanced systems and software

Engineering organizations today are faced with ever-changing market demands, new opportunities and the constant pressure to find the ideal balance between quality and cost. To stay ahead of the competition, you have to constantly strive for better results. But what are the options when the next step is not only to improve the product, but also to take the engineering environment to the next level? At this point, let us join forces. You are the expert in your domain of technology, we are the experts in designing and optimizing engineering processes, methods and tool usage. Together we can prepare your engineering organization for the challenges of tomorrow.

Systems & Software Engineering training courses

Our training courses cover the entire lifecycle, from requirements gathering through architecture and functional design to implementation and testing. We offer both scheduled open courses and individually arranged courses for clients. Contents include methods, processes and tools. Courses are offered in English and German, with some courses available only in German.

Coaching and individual support

One goal of any change process is to leave as much as possible unchanged. Improvements should be achieved with as little change as possible and, most importantly, without negatively impacting other areas. A "one size fits all" approach may not produce the desired results. Let us tailor our support to your individual scenario and help with specific coaching, consulting or adaptation services.

SodiusWillert Engineering Efficiency Empowerment workshop

There are many reasons that may require changes to an engineering environment. New compliance requirements may emerge, existing requirements can be changed, a tool has to be replaced, new tasks have to be integrated, and much more. During our Engineering Efficiency Workshop your and our experts will analyze the situation, potential bottlenecks, needs and expectations.


Learn from people who did that before

You would not want your house to be built by people who are building a house for the first time in their lives. Our seasoned experts have gained their experience in many successful client projects. They are mastering a comprehensive workbench of methods, processes and tools and are able to share learnings and best practices with you -- for your benefit.

Combine trainings to best suit your needs

With a hammer as the only tool, everything looks like a nail. Don't try to solve a problem with ill-suited measures, i.e. don't expect your engineers to be comprehensively empowered with a few standard courses. We have a broad range of pre-defined training courses, and we have the expertise to tailor training to your specific training needs.


Benefit from a lifecycle view on engineering

What is good for one part is not necessarily best for the whole. This is true for engineering projects as well. We help you consider the lifecycle with a focus on integrating workflows and engineering data across tools and continuous development from start to finish. From requirements to acceptance testing.

Leverage advice tailored to your demand

Workshop, training, coaching, brainstorming, lecture, face-2-face, online, live or on-demand -- consulting can be delivered in many formats. And that's exactly what we do. We work with you to determine the most appropriate format for the advice you need. We want to ensure that your engineering organization is equipped with everything needed to advance your engineering projects.

Benefit from ongoing expert support

We will stay by your side. We are prepared to continue working with you during operations. We want to ensure that you can leverage the results of our work as expected. We will work with you to identify your ongoing support needs and provide the appropriate resources based on a follow-up contract.

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We can help you with your services needs

Please contact us with any specific requests you may have regarding support, coaching or consulting in your engineering environment. We're here to help and share our expertise.

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