Solutions for review, workflow management, and reporting

Teamwork is essential for project success. The desired project outcome requires experts from different domains to work together efficiently and without hurdles imposed by different tools and formats. SodiusWillert tools help you lay the foundation for seamless teamwork across engineering disciplines.

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Why are reviews, workflows, and reporting relevant?

The development of advanced products requires the collaboration of technical experts. Tools are specialized in specific domains to provide the capabilities engineers need. Therefore, teamwork across disciplines requires special attention. The ability to manage workflows in teams working in specialized environments is a key function. Team reviews of engineering artifacts are a common routine in quality assurance and can improve product quality when the right stakeholders are involved. For ongoing monitoring and documentation, up-to-date reports at various levels of detail and across the disciplines involved are key to understanding project progress.

How tools for review, workflow management, and reporting help your projects succeed

SodiusWillert's team collaboration tools provide the "glue" for creating reviews, reports, and workflow management across a multi-disciplinary project.

Enable collaborative review of engineering artifacts in a web-based environment simply by using a web browser. Reviewers are guided through the review process and can view requirements, models, or other artifacts submitted for review by stakeholders internal and external to the project, such as product or business managers.

Ensure that critical workflows are properly defined and managed by providing tool-based support for cross-team workflows on your projects, such as standup meetings, scheduling sprints, managing code, or tracking tasks.

Save time and effort by simplifying document creation for formal reviews, contractual obligations, regulatory oversight, or ad hoc use with SodiusWillert tools. Source data for reports is automatically extracted from your Jazz tools and third-party tools and aggregated into meaningful documents.

Clarity and transparency across tool silos

Authoring tools are silos. By facilitating access to engineering artifacts through a web browser, we have made the walls of the domain silo transparent. SodiusWillert SECollab makes artifacts created by a silo-specific authoring tool visible from outside the domain silo. Reviewers do not have to deal with the use of the specific authoring tool.

Enable "cross-tools" review scenarios

SECollab enables review of artifacts maintained in different engineering tool repositories. There is no need to purchase authoring tool licenses just for the purpose of reviews. Teams can collaboratively review assets from multiple specialized tools through an intuitive web interface.

Improved team collaboration

Avoid duplicate or missed work with SodiusWillert's workflow management solution and benefit from having clarity on current project status at all times. Link plans to development and execution to find, fix and test work items faster, and monitor the coverage of completed tasks based on up-to-date information.

Increase transparency by combining data from multiple sources

SodiusWillert's automated reporting solution reduces the time you spend searching and retrieving information from the engineering tools your experts use. Our tool automatically generates documents according to your definition, with data from one or many engineering tools.

How SodiusWillert helps with engineering reviews, workflows, and reporting

Ensuring teamwork and efficient collaboration across domains and tools is essential to ensure project success. Here's how SodiusWillert helps with engineering reviews, workflows, and reporting:


SECollab is a web platform for sharing, tracking, and reviewing heterogeneous system or software engineering data and documents.

Explore SECollab


Streamline essential team workflows such as standup meetings, sprint planning, code management, and task tracking with IBM Engineering Workflow Management - a robust foundation for team collaboration.

Explore IBM EWM


Create documents for formal reviews, contractual obligations, regulatory oversight, or ad hoc use with IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization (IBM ELO) - Publishing.

Explore IBM ELO - Publishing

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