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SodiusWillert helps organizations manage the challenges of developing complex products and systems by ​providing powerful add-ons for engineering lifecycle tools, ​advanced solutions for embedded systems, ​and expert advice for developing complex systems and software.​

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How SodiusWillert helps with the development of complex systems and software

From requirements to deployment, SodiusWillert facilitates the development of complex systems and software by providing solutions that streamline requirements management, ensure compliance with industry standards, support seamless collaboration across teams, and enhance traceability throughout the complete development lifecycle.

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SodiusWillert assists organizations in meeting AUTOSAR and ASPICE standards by providing tools and solutions that streamline compliance processes, ensure data integrity, and facilitate audits. 

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Systems Model Exchange

Facilitate the exchange of complex systems models across different tools and platforms (IBM Rhapsody, Cameo Systems Modeler, and more), which is critical in industries that rely heavily on model-based systems engineering (MBSE). 

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Linked Data and OSLC

Enhance the accessibility, visibility, and utility of your engineering data throughout the software and system development lifecycle using linked data solutions, and achieve a seamless digital thread across domains, applications, and organizations.

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Model-based systems and software engineering

Benefit from the transparency and clarity of SysML/UML modeling, even for embedded systems with limited memory and processor capacity, and allow your engineers to focus on what they do best.

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Requirements Engineering

Facilitate the capture, tracking, and validation of requirements across design, implementation, and testing. Enable clarity and traceability across the development process with robust and comprehensive solutions for requirements management.

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Engineering Tools Integration

Bridge the gaps between domains and enable teams to ensure seamless data flow, interoperability, and collaboration across different tools used in the systems and software development lifecycle. 

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Testing and quality assurance

Benefit from an offering that helps you cope with the complexity of managing all required quality assurance activities, seamlessly integrate them into your development process.

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Safety and certification

Reduce the effort and time needed to ensure and demonstrate compliance with IEC 61508, ISO 26262, DO 178B, DoDAF, and other standards with tools that guide your teams through the documentation processes as needed.

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Review, workflow management, and reporting

SodiusWillert's team collaboration tools provide the "glue" for creating reviews, reports, and workflow management across a multi-disciplinary project.

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