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SodiusWillert unlocks assets and empowers innovation in highly regulated industries through engineering data integration. 

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Linked Data

Open your engineering repositories with the OSLC standard to enable cross-artifact linking, traceability, and impact analysis.


Systems Model Transformation

Explore and deliver mandated Cameo/MagicDraw file formats without changing modeling tools with systems model transformation solutions.


Requirements Management

Increase your requirements management productivity with advanced tooling to open, access, and share requirement data.

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Model Sharing & Reviewing

Reduce development time and increase output quality with a web-based engineering design review platform that will change the way you collaborate.

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Connect Atlassian Jira To IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management.

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19 Jan 2021 | Robert Baillargeon
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12 Jan 2021 | SodiusWillert

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11 Dec 2020 | SodiusWillert

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