SodiusWillert Jazz IT Services for IBM ELM tools

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Kickstart your engineering projects with an IBM ELM tool infrastructure that works. Right from the start. We will assist you in assembling the IT equipment that meets the performance requirements of your project.

Empower your engineers with a solid foundation

Your engineers are tasked with developing the software and systems your demanding customers need. They should be able to focus exclusively on developing solutions. Engineers should experience the tooling environment only through the advanced features that help them do their jobs. The Jazz environment, with its extensive collaboration, integration and linking capabilities, provides the powerful foundation for a suite of advanced tools that support engineering disciplines throughout the lifecycle. SodiusWillert Jazz IT Services for IBM ELM Tools will help your IT professionals build a robust and scalable IT infrastructure for Jazz that truly empowers your engineers.

Simplify evaluation of Jazz

Before you decide to purchase a Jazz-based ELM tool, you probably want to test the tool first. Don't waste days or weeks  of your limited resources in IT and engineering trying to figure out how to set up a seamlessly working Jazz environment for your evaluation. Use our hosted evaluation environment. Create your own sandbox on our servers and focus on evaluating the features of the tool. We'll make sure it works the way it should.

Tailor your Jazz IT platform to your needs

Decisions about the IT infrastructure to support Jazz must be made early in the deployment process, at a time when little or no practical experience is available. Tap into our expertise. We have thoroughly evaluated Jazz for a range of scenarios in terms of number of users or size of databases. We can help you gauge your needs and we know how to scale servers and storage for your Jazz platform.

Reduce time and manpower needed for Jazz deployment

Installing, configuring and deploying Jazz can be a tedious, lengthy and error-prone process. It can take weeks or even months when done for the first time, and the result may still have hidden flaws. We have automated this process to minimize setup time. With automated installation, configuration, and deployment, the time required to create a working Jazz environment is reduced to minutes, and your Jazz platform will work as planned.


Conduct your trial as scheduled

Be confident to work through your evaluation agenda as planned around the busy project schedule of your engineers. With our hosted Jazz evaluation environment your engineers can begin and conduct evaluation without waiting for IT to cope with unexpected issues and delays. No need to reschedule project and evaluation tasks over and over again because of difficulties in setting up your local Jazz evaluation environment.

Evaluate Jazz as it is supposed to work

What you see in your Jazz evaluation sandbox is what you get after you buy. Our hosted environment performs as it should, the features and capabilities are authentic Jazz and ELM tool features. There are no constraints or questionable effects of inadequate or incorrect installation or configuration.


Minimize set-up time for your Jazz environment

Leverage our automated scripts and enjoy the smooth process of automated installation and configuration of your Jazz-based IBM ELM tools. Your ELM environment will be up and running in minutes instead of weeks or even months.

Scale your Jazz IT as needed

Let us support you with our know-how from many successful projects. We know exactly what IT capacities are required to create the appropriate foundation for your project. Depending on parameters such as the number of users, the number of requirements, the size of the databases, etc., we know how to scale your IT equipment to ensure adequate performance.

Full ongoing support for your Jazz environment

We stay by your side during installation and operation. You can rely on us to  ensure that you are equipped with a Jazz environment that works as planned, and we will take care of any updates that may come up. We will ensure that all IBM updates are applied to your installation, as well as the bug fixes provided by IBM. So you can rest confident that all relevant updates are present in your environment.

Looking for IT Services for IBM ELM tools?

Please contact us with any questions, and we will jointly explore how our experts can support you most effectively - from training, workshops, special adaptations, and consulting on processes and methods, to coaching.

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