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Node-Locked License

To run our free products or test our products with a trial license, you need a node-locked license. To create this license, we need your computer hostname.

To get the hostname, open a command prompt and type hostname as shown in the screenshot on the right. In this example, the hostname is montus.


Floating License

Big organizations often run licenses from centralized servers, this is what’s called a floating license. If you’re in this case, please provide us with the hostname (see above) and the MAC address (also known as the Ethernet address) of your license server (Windows only).

To get the MAC address, open a command prompt and type ipconfig /all and get the Physical address field. Here the MAC address is A4-BA-DB-B7-95-3B.


Terms & Conditions

Licenses with valid annual maintenance agreements with Sodius are allowed to rehost. If your product is no longer under maintenance contract, please request a quote.

Annual maintenance fees include an allowance of one change per year. By submitting this request, you accept the License Change Terms and Conditions and you are indicating that at such time as you begin to use the new license files on the ‘new system’, you will stop using the ‘old license file(s)’, remove the old license file(s)’ from use, and not re-install the old license file(s) on any system/HOSTID.

License Change Request

License Change Request

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