SodiusWillert offerings for safety-critical systems

Jump-start the development and certification of safety-critical systems. Reduce the extra work required to achieve and demonstrate compliance leveraging SodiusWillert's safety-critical systems development offerings. We can help you comply with IEC 61508, ISO 26262, DO 178B, DoDAF, and other standards.

Save time and resources with safety-critical engineering projects

Developing safety-critical products can involve a considerable amount of additional work, as compliance with the legal requirements demanded by the target market must be demonstrated in an approval process before the product can be launched to that market. To successfully pass this certification, a whole series of additional, safety-related requirements must be met. These requirements usually relate to the features or capabilities of the product and also include prescriptions for the design, development and testing process. Compliance with all requirements must be seamlessly demonstrated during the certification process.

Safety-critical functionality & constraints

Functional requirements and constraints for safety-critical products aim to prevent damage caused by the product. The severity of the risks associated with the operation of the product dictates the rigor required to implement the mandatory capabilities. Our solutions for development of safety-critical systems help you keep track of all functional requirements and constraints along with their implementation.

Developing a safety-critical product

Instructions for the creation of the product, i.e. in terms of processes, workflows or management of engineering data, may also be present. For example, ISO 26262 requires the existence of key processes, such as requirements management or configuration management. We're happy to support you in defining and implementing those processes to help you achieve full compliance.

Best Practices and complete documents for successful certification

Demonstrating compliance requires the use of data from the entire project, stored in tools used throughout the lifecycle. Our offerings include guidance for best practices in safety-critical software development and certification. These proven materials help you build and adapt your certification-related processes much faster, including automated generation of certification-ready documents.


Get your safety-critical products to market faster

Accelerate the development and certification process. With our integrated environment time-consuming rework because mandatory capabilities have slipped out of sight is a thing of the past. Cumbersome manual exploration and collection of up-to-date engineering data for certification relevant documents becomes obsolete.

True real-time end-to-end traceability

SodiusWillert tools help you ensure seamless traceability throughout the entire engineering lifecycle, from design, to development, and to testing. Cross-tool links between corresponding artefacts along the lifecycle facilitate an always up-to-date, real-time view: every change will be visible immediately after being saved.


Automated creation of up-to-date certification documents

You no longer have to spend endless hours searching for up-to-date information on certification-relevant details. With SodiusWillert solutions for safety-critical development, most of the documentation needed for certification is available at the click of a button. And our pre-built templates can easily be adapted to any specifics of your project.

Full control over change impacts

Take the guesswork out of analyzing the impact of changes. Our integrated lifecycle tools provide you with full control over all effects resulting from a change, both downwards and upwards the lifecycle. You'll see precisely which artifacts are impacted by a particular change and can take appropriate action.

Proven practices for developing safety-critical systems

We eat our own dog food. We have successfully deployed our solutions for safety-critical systems development, and we have successfully passed all required certifications. We're happy to share with you our expertise and help you get your safety-critical products to market faster, without expensive and time-consuming detours.

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We can help you with your safety-critical systems development

Please contact us with any questions you have on how to make development and certification of safety-critical products faster and easier. We're here to help and share our expertise.

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