Solutions for testing and quality assurance

Testing and quality assurance activities must run alongside the design and development process, integrated into the lifecycle environment. That's why our offerings for testing and quality assurance are designed to be an integral part of your lifecycle tool chain for seamless collaboration and best possible test coverage.

testing and quality assurance

What is testing and quality assurance?

Quality assurance means maintaining a level of quality in a system by paying attention to each phase of system design and development. Quality assurance activities include, for example, team review of engineering artifacts, planning and executing tests, controlling workflows, and results reporting. Good testing and quality assurance practices begin at the requirements capture stage to ensure that the fulfillment of each requirement can be verified. Test management includes defining a test strategy and test criteria, planning test resources, creating test sequences, to name a few.

Why you need tools for testing and quality assurance

The effort required for sufficient and effective quality assurance activities increases with the complexity of the system being developed. Testing and quality assurance tools from SodiusWillert help you to cope with the complexity and to manage all required quality assurance activities including their results efficiently and transparently, seamlessly integrated into your lifecycle environment, and adapted to your development process.

Benefit from an end-to-end solution for collaborative test management from requirements to delivery. Create and manage test plans, monitor test resources, and share information seamlessly across development tool boundaries. Increase the effectiveness of your quality assurance activities and save your engineers' time with the automated creation of test architectures and fully automated test execution and report generation.

Save money by finding errors early

Every day counts. Errors discovered late in the design and development process are the most expensive to fix. Therefore, development and testing must be viewed as parallel activities, not sequential. SodiusWillert tools for testing and quality assurance help you focus on both reducing costs and shortening time to market.

Increase customer satisfaction by testing against requirements

SodiusWillert's testing and quality assurance tools enable you to bridge the gap between requirements management and test management. Link your test plans, test cases, and test sequences to the requirements stored in IBM DOORS and benefit from a complete overview of how your tests cover the agreed requirements and how the system under development performs during test execution.

Increase your engineers' efficiency by automating test execution

Frequent testing can require a lot of manual work. Automating test execution saves your engineers valuable time that they can spend on quality assurance tasks that cannot be automated. With SodiusWillert's testing and quality assurance tools, you benefit from automated test execution, either built-in or through third-party automation tools that can be easily integrated.

Improve test coverage by creating tests from engineering assets

A model-based development approach makes it easier to ensure complete test coverage. With SodiusWillert's testing and quality assurance tools, create test architectures and test cases from your SysML or UML models in parallel with the design and development process. Run model-level tests, manually or automatically, and be confident that your tests have no gaps.

Optimize efficiency with collaborative test management

Turn to SodiusWillert for an end-to-end solution for collaborative test management from requirements to delivery and benefit from a solution that covers the entire development lifecycle. Create and manage test plans, monitor test resources, and share information seamlessly across tool boundaries to ensure an efficient and comprehensive approach to testing and quality assurance.

Enable "cross-tools" team review

SECollab enables review of artifacts maintained in different engineering tool repositories. Teams can collaboratively review assets from multiple specialized tools through an intuitive web interface. There is no need to purchase authoring tool licenses just for the purpose of reviews.

How SodiusWillert helps with testing and quality assurance

SodiusWillert supports testing and quality assurance (QA) in several ways, primarily through tool integration, automation, traceability, and collaboration. Here's how SodiusWillert helps enhance these processes:


Aggregate data from your engineering tools (Excel, PDF, Cameo, IBM DOORS, etc.), create traceability, build compliance reports, and perform collaborative multi-tool reviews from a single online platform. 

Explore SECollab


Bridge the gap and facilitate seamless collaboration between QA and software development teams. Enable QA Engineers to create Jira Defects natively from the QA system.

Explore OSLC Connect for Jira


Create and manage test plans, monitor test resources, and seamlessly share information across tool boundaries with IBM Engineering Test Management.

Explore IBM Engineering Test Management


Bridge the productivity gap between model-based development and software testing by automating the creation of test architectures and specifying test sequences.

Explore IBM Rhapsody TestConductor

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