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Don’t Get Fooled by a Zoo of Tools in Engineering Projects

18 Jun 21
Do you need clarity on the progress of defect resolution? Do you need evidence on how critical features were realized?

How to streamline the engineering lifecycle across tool silos

03 Feb 21
There is hardly a technical device today which does not come with software-enabled capabilities to enhance the user...

Why linked data is more valuable than data synchronization

29 May 20
With products being more complex and embedding technology like never before, the use and need for engineering data have...

How collaboration solves the silo effect in software engineering

15 May 20
If you have worked in an organization with well-defined functions, you have likely heard it thrown around during many...

How collaboration optimizes complex product development processes

29 Apr 20
Modern products and systems are nothing like their counterparts from a few decades ago. From having a single purpose...

Why engineering collaboration matters in software development

29 Feb 20
An important part of a software engineer’s job is to gather, understand, and finalize requirements. This often involves...

What is the Open Services Lifecycle Collaboration standard?

02 Feb 20
The digital world continues to grow around us and keeps throwing new challenges at its engineers, users, and managers....

Why do Engineers need OSLC to achieve tool interoperability?

02 Jan 20
When we design mission-critical systems, we know there are critical relationships between our components and their...

What is the Purpose of Traceability in Product Development?

08 Jul 19
A recent study shows that 74% more vehicles were recalled than were sold last year. Most recalls tend to be minor in...

How to Avoid Non-Value Added Work for Engineers

11 Apr 19
As an engineer, what gets you excited about your job? For most, it’s getting to work on really cool projects and...

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