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SodiusWillert is committed to solutions that enable the continuous information flow across the product development lifecycle.

Atlassian Cloud vs Data Center - which hosting for your OSLC connectors?

02 Mar 22
It was almost over a year that Atlassian shook up its product portfolio. With the end-of-life of Jira Software Server...

How to: connect Siemens Polarion ALM with Confluence

22 Feb 22
Confluence and Siemens Polarion ALM play unique roles in the engineering enterprise. Project roadmaps, project reviews,...

How to: connect IBM DOORS Next with Atlassian Confluence

21 Feb 22
Confluence and IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next play unique roles in the engineering enterprise....

Webinar: Atlassian Jira and Siemens Polarion ALM integration

14 Oct 21
As a firm believer in the value of industry standards, SodiusWillert develops custom tooling based on the Open...

What's new in the OSLC Connect for Jira 2.7.0 release

15 Jul 21
We are excited for users to access our latest release of OSLC Connect for Jira, which offers improvements that will...

The Digital Thread of Process Realization at Process Insights Global 2021

25 Jun 21
The threads of engineering are the traceability paths that we create as we design and validate products. These...

Don’t Get Fooled by a Zoo of Tools in Engineering Projects

18 Jun 21
Do you need clarity on the progress of defect resolution? Do you need evidence on how critical features were realized?

DOORS challenges with linking due to Internet Explorer 11

15 Jun 21
Using OSLC to extend the connectivity of DOORS has been a significant benefit to our community. Many DOORS teams have...

How to streamline the engineering lifecycle across tool silos

03 Feb 21
There is hardly a technical device today which does not come with software-enabled capabilities to enhance the user...

Why linked data is more valuable than data synchronization

29 May 20
With products being more complex and embedding technology like never before, the use and need for engineering data have...

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