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By Renate Stuecka | 21/03/2024 | Reading time: 3 min

We’re celebrating our IBM Champions Walter van der Heiden, Andy Lapping, and Martin Stockl! In case you're wondering what makes an IBM Champion: All IBM Champions are enthusiasts who enjoy sharing their deep knowledge and extensive expertise in IBM technologies with others at conferences, seminars, and any other opportunity to interact in the technical communities.

IBM highly values these experts with the IBM Champions program and issues the IBM Champions badge, which only officially confirmed IBM Champions are allowed to use in their digital profiles. At SodiusWillert, our IBM Champions are characterized, among other things, by decades of expertise in modeling and IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody, which they have successfully applied in many projects. Get to know our IBM Champions!

Walter van der Heiden – our CTO and UML/SysML Guru

Walter is a recognized expert in UML/SysML and related standards. For decades, his focus was on improving the development of embedded systems and software through modeling techniques, end-to-end integration into the lifecycle and effectively controlling risks in the development of complex systems. In addition to working with customers and partners, Walter also enjoys sharing his expertise as an author, coach, consultant, and trainer. The epitome of the IBM Champion!

Andy Lapping – Technical Fellow and shaper of IBM Rhapsody

Andy has also been focused on model-based development of systems and software for decades and is a recognized expert in the application and customization of the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management portfolio. He is the mastermind behind many add-ons and helpers that simplify or accelerate the use of IBM Rhapsody in daily project practice, or increase user acceptance of IBM Rhapsody. His presentations, training courses, and webinars are legendary and are always characterized by a clear structure, excellent comprehensibility, and professional design. A genuine IBM champion!

Martin Stockl – „it’s crazy how much he knows about Rhapsody"

… as a customer said after a training with Martin. Martin has put his heart and soul into the development of embedded real-time systems for 35 years. Whether it's application development, the internals of numerous real-time operating systems, or model-based system and software development through to the automatic generation of source code – he feels at home. Consequently, his real hobbyhorse is the optimization of automated code generation from UML models for real-time systems with deterministic time behavior. Together with our customers, he develops best practices and tool enhancements to automate frequently occurring design patterns in the best possible way. A true IBM champion!

Feel free to contact our IBM Champions here or on LinkedIn:

Walter van der Heiden
Andy Lapping
Martin Stockl

Renate Stuecka

Renate Stuecka is a Consultant at SodiusWillert. Prior to joining SodiusWillert, Renate held various management positions in marketing and product marketing with a focus on advanced engineering tools for more than 20 years. Earlier, Renate had specialized in communication systems and led product management and software development teams in that industry. Renate has a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Technical University Dortmund, Germany.

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