SodiusWillert at NDIA's 26th Annual Systems & Mission Engineering Conference

By Alexia Tenneguin | 29/09/2023 | Reading time: 3 min

NDIA'S Annual Systems & Mission Engineering Conference is back for its 26th edition this year and we're excited to be attending this exciting event in person from October 16th to 19th in Norfolk, Virginia.

"The 26th Annual Systems and Mission Engineering Conference organized by the NDIA Systems Engineering Division in collaboration with the NDIA Test & Evaluation Division and the NDIA Integrated Program Management Division aims to bring together professionals from the defense community. The conference provides a platform for industry, government, and academia to share insights and discuss strategies for enhancing defense acquisition and system performance. 

The event offers an interactive forum for various professionals involved in defense projects. Program Managers, Systems Engineers, Chief Scientists, Specialty Engineers, and Managers can participate and exchange knowledge, best practices, and innovative approaches to address the challenges and complexities of defense systems."




Digital Engineering: Systems Model Exchange Framework

Bringing diverse MBE system design tools and vendors together to achieve true industry Digital Engineering workflows is a critical step for delivering mission and safety critical systems and products to market faster.  

For too long, vendor lock-in has prevented people from achieving true Digital Engineering where data from one tool may be used or converted to be used by another. The questions are, how can you leverage innovative new tools that can bring Digital Engineering to the enterprise and how can you also support bi-directional Digital Engineering workflows for large U.S. DoD programs?  

This track will address approaches for automatic systems model transformation that allow for systems model exchange between tools such as Unicom’s (formerly IBM’s) System Architect, IBM Rational Software Architect, IBM Rhapsody, and Cameo (MagicDraw). Attending this track gives you a unique opportunity to see the innovative solutions being deployed across Governmental Aerospace and Defense industries, save your systems modeling teams months or years of engineering time, and have open discussions about the technical issues of operating in a heterogeneous world.  

SodiusWillert is the expert in enterprise interoperability and helps engineering teams in highly regulated industries focus on critical engineering tasks, and deliver projects faster and with lower manpower costs. This track will focus on providing technical insights on how organizations can bring diverse MBE system design tools and vendors together to achieve true industry Digital Engineering workflows for delivering mission and safety-critical systems and products to market faster.

This presentation will explore the different use cases for reusing data and present best practices for implementing reuse strategies in the organization.

Be sure to attend Wednesday 19, October at 4:00 – 4:30.


Where to find us at NDIA's 26th Annual Systems & Mission Engineering Conference

If you are planning on attending in person, stop by our booth to chat with our expert, Jeff Pilato, about how our tools and expertise in interoperability can help you better manage the increasing complexity of developing innovative cutting-edge systems and products. ​We hope to see you there!

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