Webinar: Integrate the Engineering Lifecycle with OSLC Connect for Jira

By SodiusWillert | 4/02/2021 | Reading time: 1 min

In highly-regulated industries, systems and software engineering teams often need to connect their Change Management tool (Atlassian Jira) to the engineering applications of the enterprise for better visibility and traceability across the engineering lifecycle.

OSLC Connect for Jira links systems and software engineering tools for teams developing products in highly-complex and regulated industries. Users can collaboratively link, access, and report on live data respecting the software development and better manage requirements and compliance.

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Join us for a live webinar on February 23rd, to learn how OSLC Connect for Jira can help teams achieve complete traceability across the engineering lifecycle with a solution trusted for ease-of-use, reliability, and fast-adoption support by industry leaders.

Robert will talk you through:

  • The immediate actions you can take to streamline the engineering lifecycle across tools silos.
  • How leveraging linked data and OSLC technology will improve your visibility and traceability needs.
  • Linking, accessing, and reporting on live data with OSLC Connect for Jira.

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OSLC Connect for Jira: integrate Jira with IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management.

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OSLC Connect for Jira leverages Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) technology to collaboratively allow linking across design and implementation teams and better manage requirements and compliance.



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