How MDAccess Makes Integration with IBM DOORS Easy

By Adi | 17/11/2014 | Reading time: 1 min

If you are using DOORS to manage your requirements, you know that getting an expert in the DOORS DXL language can sometimes be difficult . MDAccess for DOORS solves this problem by providing a Java API to access the contents of your database. With the ability to read and write information using Java, you can integrate your requirement data easily and safely everywhere you need to. In this webcast, we’ll show you how to use Java to access your DOORS data for exporting, reporting, and querying as well as updating DOORS formal modules with external data.

Presented by Thomas Capelle, President, Sodius & Cara Rawlings, Technical Marketing Specialist, 321 Gang. Submit a Software Information Request

To view the Webcast click here Sodius YouTube Channel or View Webcast(Registration required)

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