Sodius Announces Merger with Willert Software Tools

By SodiusWillert | 23/04/2019 | Reading time: 3 min


Sodius-Willert LogoSodius, an engineering software solutions provider, today announced their merger with Willert Software Tools to form Sodius-Willert. With a unified vision, Sodius and Willert will together execute on their mission to enable the thread of engineering through enterprise integration of engineering data. In a strategic move, both companies bring a unique yet complementary background of technology, expertise, and experience into a centralized brand to connect the engineering information that drives today’s complex and regulated products.

The merger only amplifies Sodius-Willert’s synergized ability to integrate engineering information from the system requirements and models to the bill of material, including embedded software. This enables engineers to spend less time on non-value added work and more time solving for their businesses. The integration between systems and software opens up possibilities and visibility for compliance, exchange, traceability, sharing, and formal review.

Thomas Capelle, President, Sodius, adds, “Willert is one of the most successful IBM Continuous Engineering and IoT partners in Europe. With this merger, we can increase our geographic coverage to become a global partner and truly extend the digital thread across systems engineering to software, including PLM.”

Andreas Willert, CEO of Willert, states, “Our expertise in model-driven engineering and development allows us to connect engineering information that drives innovative products. With Sodius’ technology, we can automate these connections, and create reusable code generators optimized for the embedded market. ”

Walter van der Heiden, CTO of Willert: “It is the combined power of Sodius and Willert technologies and knowledge that will give a tremendous boost to our customers’ engineering teams by providing the right tools with deep expertise on complex and safety-critical processes.”

Each a leader in their fields, a connected Sodius-Willert expands to be global leaders in integration technology and code generation for embedded systems. Today, Sodius-Willert brings the power of connected data to enable the products of tomorrow.

About Sodius
Sodius provides software solutions to improve traceability, exchange, and sharing of engineering data. For 19 years, Sodius’ tools have been dedicated to fundamentally improving complex systems engineering processes and interconnected design toolchains. Sodius deploys its solutions all around the world throughout various domains such as Aeronautics, Space, Automotive, Defense, Medical and Information Systems. Our R&D activities and our historical collaborations with major industrial companies, software editors or governmental agencies (IBM, Airbus, ANSYS, Continental, French Ministry of Defence, General Motors, Naval Group, No Magic, Panasonic, Renault, Thales, US Navy, etc.) place us as a key partner for methods and tools departments or engineering projects. As a software provider, the Sodius core business consists of helping its customers – both software editors or large organizations – implement linking, exchange or transformation solutions for their MBSE, MBSW, ALM and PLM toolchains.

About Willert
Willert Software Tools has specialized in software development, specifically in the field of embedded systems, since 1992. Willert pursues the goal of providing its customers with technologies that enable them to successfully meet the future challenges of software engineering and to support their implementation. Equally important to the structure of Willert are processes, tools, consultation, and training to impart knowledge as thought leaders.

Willert Software Tools' customers include globally active companies in the automotive industry, aerospace, medical technology, railway, telecommunications, energy, and building technology. With the support of the Willert software engineering team, companies in these markets implement intelligent systems in a wide range of product specification, development, and quality assurance projects. Examples of current projects include automotive control units, frequency converters, satellites, hearing aids, fire detection systems, X-ray machines, and robot controllers.


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