Enabling the Thread of Engineering with Three New Products

By SodiusWillert | 4/06/2019 | Reading time: 3 min

Engineering teams spend over 30% of their time on non-value-added work. That wasted time can lead to poor quality, delayed time to market, inefficiencies, and loss of revenue. Engineering teams need to be connected to their data and their processes. Sodius-Willert’s engineering solutions connects your data and solves these issues in three ways:

  1. Integration through linking
  2. Integration through the exchange and transformation of system, software, and requirement models and data
  3. Requirement Management Tooling

We’re excited to launch three new engineering solutions for enhanced standards compliance and traceability. Our products break down system silos while preserving the governance of data so your data connects according to the intersecting concerns of data management, IP preservation, engineering traceability, and data retention. While preserving the native expertise in tools and technology, our solutions enable the visibility that engineers need.

Now you can easily unlock assets and empower innovation. Find out more about all three products below. 

OSLC Connect for Jira
With OSLC Connect for Jira, you can link Jira with a variety of engineering applications and directly integrate your workflows across systems. Whether you’re connecting to IBM’s Jazz products or any other OSLC-compliant products, you get visibility and traceability directly inside Jira for optimal impact analysis. Use your preferred Change Management tool with your enterprise Requirement Management and Quality Management tooling while connecting your systems and software teams.


  • Create links to Jira from IBM DNG, RQM, and RTC
  • Natively integrate Jira tasks in IBM Jazz views
  • Create Jira tickets from IBM Jazz
  • Create, navigate, and preview OSLC links from Jira
  • Query links across repositories in IBM Jazz and Jira
  • IBM Global Configuration Support for Jira Tickets

OSLC Connect for Windchill
Your PLM assets and ALM platform can now be directly connected through enterprise-ready OSLC technology. Using OSLC Connect for Windchill, you can enable workflow integrations, requirements traceability, change management, and impact analysis by integrating and connecting repositories. Connect the product change lifecycle through both PLM and ALM systems while showing traceability of parts to requirements. You can also identify the impact of changes, link information without synchronizing, and get a quick view to dependent information across repositories.


  • Create links across repositories
  • Support search and link from any repository
  • Enable rich hover preview within all tools
  • Preserve permissions and access controls natively with repositories
  • Supports OSLC Configuration Management (including IBM Jazz)
  • OSLC TRS Feeds of Windchill data for reporting in IBM JRS and RELM

MagicDraw Publisher for Rhapsody
Extract and transform IBM Rhapsody SysML models to reuse in MagicDraw with the MagicDraw SysML Publisher for Rhapsody. Now you can develop models in IBM Rhapsody, and still deliver to teams consuming in MagicDraw, as if it was created natively. The resulting model will contain both the semantics as well as almost identical graphics for the diagrams. Retain your investment in Rhapsody while meeting customer needs, avoid training staff in new technologies, all while using one tool, no matter the requested delivery format.


  • SysML Migration for Model Elements
  • SysML Migration for Diagrams
  • Model Guidelines for Publishing
  • Executable Model Checks for Publishing Quality
  • Configurable Styles for MagicDraw

To find out how any of these three products can help you meet your needs, speak to one of our experts today. 

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OSLC Connect for Jira: integrate Jira with IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management.

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OSLC Connect for Jira leverages Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) technology to collaboratively allow linking across design and implementation teams and better manage requirements and compliance.