What's new in OSLC Connect for Jira 3.2.0?

By Robert Baillargeon | 6/01/2023 | Reading time: 8 min

We welcome the new year with the latest release for OSLC Connect for Jira. This release is targeted to enhance your user experience and improve administrator support.

In a previous release, we introduced Link Decorators and the ability to see the Status and Priority of remote artifacts without needing to do a rich hover. This was a significant enhancement with excellent feedback from our user community. 


With this 3.2.0 release, you can now benefit from further flexibility with all available Attributes in Jira. You can now include more Attributes as Decorators.


You will also benefit from more usability improvements including tooltips for attribute names and values.


If you have multiple Decorators on your link, your additional Attributes will be referenced on a dedicated card. Simply click on the ellipsis (the three vertical dots) and see your extra Attributes.



This release also simplifies the way you can customize your Collaboration Links. In Link Appearance, drag a remote resource to preview the Decorators and then select the Attribute you want to add.


A new training video is available to review the usage of this feature. Watch the video here.


Issue Shape Enhancements for Reporting

Reporting on Jira issues in remote tools (such as IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management or Siemens Polarion ALM) depends on the data exposed to each issue.

In a previous release, the introduction of custom attributes to the issue shape was made. Our user feedback identified two areas of improvement that are addressed in this release.

How do I reference these Attributes?

Attributes in OSLC often have complex namespace prefixes. These are either driven explicitly in the OSLC Standard or are extensions provided by specific tools. This information is available in the shapes accessible in RDF via a REST Client.

In this release, OSLC Connect for Jira now provides the ability to view the shape and attribute’s property definition directly in Jira.


Users can build scripts to access data without configuring REST tools to discover the shape information (attributes and data types).

What data is being reported on a specific issue?

When building reports, users wanted clarity of the data and format of the reported information. The Shape Table can be augmented with a specific issue to show the format of all attributes. This can be useful in building and debugging scripts.


A new training video is available to review the usage of this feature. Watch the video here.


Administration Supports for TRS and Friend

We have continued to extend our Administration features.

Download Rootservice

To support debugging when adding new environments or working with complex infrastructure changes, OSLC Connect for Jira now allows you to download the rootservices document seen by your Jira server.


TRS Support

We have noticed the need to identify which projects are OSLC Enabled and exposed via TRS. OSLC Connect for Jira now provides insight into how many projects are available in the TRS feeds by your current functional user. This new feature helps manage the permission of your functional user and connections to tools like IBM’s LQE & LDX.


Getting Started with OSLC Connect for Jira

Visit the OSLC Connect for Jira product page to learn more about the tool and view all the available integrations. To help you get started, there’s also a variety of videos and demos available and a free trial license on Atlassian Marketplace.

Already an OSLC Connect for Jira user? Upgrade to 3.2.0 directly on Atlassian Marketplace and check out our training videos on our Youtube channel to help you get the most out of OSLC Connect for Jira.

Robert Baillargeon

Robert Baillargeon is the Chief Product Officer at SodiusWillert. Before his role at SodiusWillert, Robert has led engineering and research teams developing systems and deploying tools in the Automotive industry. Robert is a provisional ASPICE assessor and has a Masters of Science degree in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

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