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Extend the capability of your Windchill installation.

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Create links between requirements and parts.

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Connect product-level change requests in Windchill to IBM RTC changes.


Manage Jira tickets from Windchill.

OSLC Connect for Windchill in action

Integrate PTC Windchill with IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management.

Manage Requirements and Test Cases With Parts:

  • Link to live requirement objects
  • Control the version of requirements for a part
  • Identify the test cases for a part

Manage the Change Flow:

  • Drive product changes to other domains
  • Identify the testing targets and status for a product change
  • Show evidence of test results for a change

Manage Impact Changes:

  • View and navigate the traceability across repositories
  • Report on change status across repositories
  • Report on the impact of a change of a standard on part validation

Who is this demonstration for?

The Systems Engineer

who wants to achieve the digital thread by connecting engineering silos.

The Mechanical Engineer

who wants to connect to the overall systems or requirements.

The IT Manager or Tools Administrator

who wants a reliable and secure solution to connect ALM-PLM repositories in the enterprise.