How to connect Siemens Polarion ALM with Confluence

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Connect Siemens Polarion ALM with Confluence

Confluence and Siemens Polarion ALM play unique roles in the engineering enterprise. Project roadmaps, project reviews, action items, and meeting minutes are commonly documented in your Confluence space, while requirements, test cases, or change requests are managed in Siemens Polarion ALM.

OSLC Connect for Confluence is a Confluence plugin that enables Siemens Polarion ALM users to reference, share access, and previews of Siemens Polarion ALM artifacts directly from a Confluence page.

With OSLC Connect for Confluence, you can:

  • 00:58 Navigate to Siemens Polarion ALM from your Confluence page
  • 01:30 Preview a Tasks from Polarion ALM on your Confluence page
  • 02:15 Preview a Requirements Document from Polarion ALM on your Confluence page
  • 02:50 Access real-time information from Polarion ALM in Confluence
  • 04:20 Embed existing Requirements from Polarion ALM into your Confluence page
  • 05:35 Create a new Polarion ALM artifact from Confluence
  • 07:45 Configurations and Space Associations
  • 08:57 User access

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