Techletter 8: Reuse your IBM DOORS repositories in a Jazz environment

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Reuse your IBM DOORS repositories in a Jazz environment.

Many successful engineering projects have been conducted using IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS, or short IBM DOORS Classic. The accumulated intellectual property held in IBM DOORS repositories is surely invaluable and organizations are striving for preserving and reusing their assets as much and as long as possible.

Reuse today often means that existing assets held in IBM DOORS and engineering workflows involving DOORS should be integrated with other lifecycle tools. Most engineering organizations are relying on tools specialized in engineering disciplines or on managing workflows, issues, defects, ideally in an integrated and efficient manner.

Typical challenges with lifecycle integration

In the past, it was primarily the connection between requirements management and systems or software engineering that was considered helpful or required to establish traceability along the process. The traceability view spans from requirements through the various levels of refinement and then goes beyond the requirements management tool to link to model elements or even automatically generated source code fragments that have been created to implement the requirements, as depicted in this Techletter.

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