Techletter 5: User-defined Data Types in Rhapsody

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Why have User-defined Data Types in Rhapsody?

Using your own data types is a requirement that most IBM Rhapsody users will have sooner or later. IBM Rhapsody’s standard data types are the types that are defined in the underlying language.

Multiple sources, including MISRA, tell us to use data types that are interchangeable between different hardware platforms. Also, the definition of user-defined types forces the compiler to check for failures in the usage of variables and functions.

This Techletter explains what your options are when defining your own data types in Rhapsody and how to use them efficiently in your modeling. We will explain how to define properties so you can select your own types, and what properties to use to get the right code generated.

‘C’ and also ‘C++’ have various types and type modifiers/specifiers, this Techletter explains how to use them in a Rhapsody model.

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