Connect Confluence and IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management with OSLC Connect for Confluence


What you will learn in this webinar

OSLC Connect for Confluence is a Confluence plugin that enables IBM ELM users to reference, share access, and preview IBM ELM artifacts directly from a Confluence page.

Plans, meeting reports, roadmaps, or specifications are usually available in Confluence. But your Requirements, Test Cases, Change Requests are available in your IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management tools. OSLC Connect for Confluence helps you fill the gap and provide powerful integration between Confluence and IBM ELM.

With OSLC Connect for Confluence, you can:

  • Navigate to IBM DOORS Next from your Confluence page
  • Preview dynamic information from IBM DOORS Next
  • Preview a Test Case from IBM Engineering Test Management in Confluence
  • Navigate to IBM Engineering Test Management
  • Preview and access dynamic information in Confluence
  • Working with Global Configurations
  • Embed an existing IBM DOORS Next requirements into your Confluence page
  • Create new IBM ELM artifacts from your Confluence page
  • Configuring Space Associations
  • Authenticated access to artifacts in Confluence