Process Control in a Tool Zoo with OSLC

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Don’t Get Fooled by a Zoo of Tools in Engineering Projects.

Do you need clarity on the progress of defect resolution? Or need evidence on how critical features were realized?

At the recent Process Insights Europe 2021, we’ve discussed common issues faced by engineering organizations in complex projects with you and your peers.

The need to provide your highly skilled experts with the tools they rely on often results in poor support for the integration of workflows and artifacts along the entire development lifecycle.

Stop thwarting productivity by poor integration of tools. Make the most out of your tool investment by adding an integration that provides real-time access to all lifecycle assets from any tool included. Staying within their preferred and familiar tool environment your experts will be able to see and work with artifacts hosted in other lifecycle tools. No hassle, no copies, no diverging versions of the truth.

Curious how that works? Rewatch our presentation for more information.

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