Adapt IBM Rhapsody to your need with the SodiusWillert Profile Builder

By Renate Stuecka | 14/12/2023 | Reading time: 2 min

If you have ever created a profile in IBM Rhapsody, you know how time-consuming and complex it can be. 

Creating a profile manually can be very tedious and error-prone, and searching for errors in long code sequences is time-consuming and annoying. On the other hand, you also know what advantages it can have to customize the use of IBM Rhapsody to the requirements of your project or your company and thus make it much easier for developers to work with IBM Rhapsody.  

Introducing Profile Builder for IBM Rhapsody

The SodiusWillert Profile Builder for IBM Rhapsody solves precisely this dilemma. It is a toolkit that provides you with a graphical model-based environment for creating and editing profiles in IBM Rhapsody. This allows you to access the full power of Rhapsody profiles without the hassle of having to manually edit text-based properties.

With the help of profiles, you can provide your team with an environment in IBM Rhapsody that is precisely tailored to your domain-specific requirements. Define new designations in addition to the standard designations in IBM Rhapsody or customize the selection options when creating new model elements. Create exactly the views or perspectives on the model that provide you with the transparency you need in your projects, e.g. to make the implementation progress visible. Define your own customized version of the model browser, create your own help files, or overwrite supplied elements in IBM Rhapsody – the possibilities for adapting your IBM Rhapsody environment to your specific project requirements are almost endless.

The SodiusWillert Profile Builder for IBM Rhapsody provides you with an environment that makes the creation and editing of profiles much easier and faster and even enables reverse engineering of existing profiles.

How Profile Builder for IBM Rhapsody works

See for yourself how the Profile Builder can support you in your projects. You can find many practical examples in our video series available on our YouTube channel.  


Want to get started with Profile Builder for IBM Rhapsody?

Profile Builder has been released and evaluation licenses are available. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Renate Stuecka

Renate Stuecka is a Consultant at SodiusWillert. Prior to joining SodiusWillert, Renate held various management positions in marketing and product marketing with a focus on advanced engineering tools for more than 20 years. Earlier, Renate had specialized in communication systems and led product management and software development teams in that industry. Renate has a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Technical University Dortmund, Germany.

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