What Can You Leverage During Your 14-Day Evaluation Period?

Full-Functional Product

Your evaluation unlocks all features of the product and enables you to leverage the Migration Toolkit for DOORS in trial migrations. Note, a watermark is added to the migrated requirements while in the trial mode.

Support Desk

Obtain access to our support desk for help, documentation, and technical support for the duration of your trial.

Why Choose The Migration Toolkit for DOORS?


Get Started Quickly


Get started quickly and continuously refine your mappings as needed for future migrations. Adding rich sets of mapping rules is simple and allows the application to ensure conformance with each execution.


Scale To The Enterprise


Migrate content to DOORS Next, eliminating manual user steps. Your migrations can a single DOORS Module or up to 100's of DOORS Modules. Start, stop, restart migrations, and link across assets migrated in other tasks.


Speed Your Adoption Of DOORS Next


DOORS Next is rich with types, components, streams, and changesets. The Migration Toolkit for DOORS leverages these concepts to speed your adoption of DOORS Next.