Why Choose M2M Framework for Rhapsody?

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Reduce Transformation Efforts

Manually transforming models can be time-consuming and take up time that could be used for more productive tasks. Focus only on the mapping rules and free yourself from the complexity of the transformation.

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Cut Down On Human Errors

Automated model transformation can significantly reduce human errors when compared to manual data capture. Instead of transforming your models manually, the M2M Rhapsody Framework allows you to create a ruleset only once, and execute it for all of your models as often as you like!

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Save On Costs & Avoid Frustration

Give up on manual transformation and on human errors. Save money and allocate your savings to more added-value tasks by enabling automation in your model transformation with the M2M Rhapsody Framework.

What Can You Leverage During Your 21-Day Evaluation Period?

Full-Functional Product

Your evaluation unlocks all features of the product and enables you to leverage OSLC in your enterprise. Friend repositories, link artifacts, and generate reports.

M2M License

Receive a time-limited license for M2M Framework for Rhapsody. All users with access to Jira can use these features with the trial license. All OSLC supported repositories are enabled.

Support Desk

Obtain access to our support desk for help, documentation, and technical support for the duration of your trial.