Connect ReqIF compatible requirements data to your modeling environment

Import of requirements in ReqIF standard format

Convert your requirements into the ReqIF standard format in your requirements management environment. Transfer these assets to the UML tool and create trace relationships. Check for changes (suspect links)

Linking within your UML/SysML Tool

In IBM Rhapsody or Sparx Enterprise Architect, link the imported requirements to the corresponding model elements. Every model element can be linked, e.g. use cases, classes, operations, attributes or state diagrams.

Transfer model data to your requirements management tool

Import trace information and representations of model elements and diagrams associated with requirements into your requirements management tool. See how requirements have been implemented as model elements, and perform coverage and impact analysis.

Why Choose the ReqXChanger?


Save time through change alerts

Never again design a model implementing a requirement that was changed without notice. ReqXChanger detects any changes to linked assets during each synchronization and sets the corresponding flag to "Changed". Save time by focusing on changing requirements and exploring if your model needs to be adjusted as well.

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Prove compliance more easily

Reduce the efforts involved with demonstrating regulatory compliance through the clear visualization of traceability and requirements coverage.



See the up-to-date description of the requirements when working with the modeling tool and develop your solution based on the agreed expectations. Misunderstandings due to incorrect or incomplete requirements representation are eliminated.