Bridging the gap between Confluence and Siemens Polarion ALM

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What to expect from this recorded webinar

Confluence and Siemens Polarion ALM play unique roles in the digital engineering enterprise. Project roadmaps, project reviews, action items, and meeting minutes are commonly documented in your Confluence space, while your requirements are managed in Siemens Polarion Requirements and your test cases in Polarion QA.

These tools are essential in your daily workflows. But when it comes to sharing, and referencing formal engineering assets in Confluence, this division of information can be disruptive and, can lead to unproductive meetings, incomplete project reviews, or omission of crucial information for the project teams.

In this webinar session, we're diving deep into the implementation of OSLC Connect for Confluence with Siemens Polarion ALM. 

In this live webinar, we:

  • talk about the benefits and limits of both Siemens Polarion ALM and Confluence for engineering teams,
  • present the concept of OSLC and what it can bring to the engineering enterprise,
  • introduce features and capabilities of OSLC Connect for Confluence with Siemens Polarion ALM,
  • show you how to implement them into your workflow with a demo.

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