Holistic Requirements Engineering for complex systems

Webinar #2: Global Configurations and why this is relevant for you

Did you ever stumble across the issue trying to reuse an artifact and not knowing which version is the correct one? Did you ever wonder which version of a software component has been integrated into the second-to-last system prototype? Then you have already felt the pain of missing Global Configurations.

Here's the good news: There is no need to continue spending endless hours trying to keep track of versions, baselines, components, etc. with spreadsheets or other insufficient means.

See what Global Configurations can do for you:
  • Work on multiple consecutive versions in parallel, without waiting for all previous versions to be finished.

  • Let IBM DOORS Next take care for managing the traceability across versions of artefacts and prototype systems.

  • Be confident that no unwanted copies of assets exist. There is no conflict of diverging clones.

  • Leverage automated support for managing varying sets of existing, new or modified components in different system versions.

Join our webinar and take an informed decision whether Global Configurations is a capability that would help you stay on top of your complex development projects. For a first-hand impression, this webinar will include live demos using IBM DOORS Next. See for yourself how Global Configurations can support you tackle your daily engineering challenges and register for our webinar on "Date to be announced shortly".

This webinar is part of a series of webinars exploring key capabilities of IBM DOORS Classic and IBM DOORS Next for holistic Requirements Engineering.

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Date to be announced shortly
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Marco Matuschek

Maximilian Willert


Webinar: Global Configurations and why this is relevant for you