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Integration Services & Systems Engineering Lifecycle


IBM Rational offers unique capabilities for their flagship tool IBM Rhapsody.


No Magic offers unique capabilities for their flagship tool – Cameo Tool Suite.


Jama offers migration capabilities for their best-selling Requirement Management software.


ANSYS provides connection capabilities for their engineering safety management platform.

Tasktop Sync

Tasktop can synchronize requirement data across development, quality, and delivery teams.

BTC Embedded

BTC opens Embedded Tester to the software artifacts eco-systems.

Rhapsody in Ada

Ada code generation from UML models is a defining function that allows Rhapsody to cater to needs in the Aerospace and Defense market. Sodius provides IBM with the Ada code generator; supporting Ada 83, 95, 2005, 2012, in addition to the following features:

  • Source code reverse-engineering
  • Dynamic model-to-code association
  • Full behavior modeling
  • Animated model-based execution
Rhapsody in Ada Engineering Software Tools and Mega Enterprise Architecture

Rhapsody Rules Composer

Tool integration with environment as well as to their peers is key to foster market adoption. With Rules Composer, models created in Rhapsody can be transformed to be used beyond the tool’s boundaries. With Rules Composer customized code generators can be quickly configured.

  • Model-to-model transformation
  • Specialized code generator
  • Connectors for many proprietary formats available
DOORS Systems Engineering and Comply with Engineering Requirements

Rhapsody for AUTOSAR

The AUTOSAR toolkit by Sodius is the entry point for IBM Rhapsody in the arena of standard software modeling for the automotive industry. The toolkit supports import/export to the ARXML format.

  • Full implementation of the AUTOSAR profile for UML
  • ARXML import/export
  • High-performance processing
  • Support for engineering product lines
Comply with Engineering Requirements and DOORS Systems Engineering Tool

RLIA for PTC Windchill

The Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) is an open community creating specifications for integrating tools, led by IBM contributors. RLIA for PTC Windchill enables the integration for PTC Windchill to the IBM Jazz platform and in particular IBM Rational Team Concert.

  • In-place editing of change requests
  • In-place query/search of change requests
  • Link system change requests to software change requests
DOORS Systems Engineering Tool and Collaborative Engineering Software

Cameo Workbench

This NoMagic product enhances Cameo Inter-Op by providing customers control of their own interoperability destiny. Cameo Workbench is actually an instantiation of MDWorkbench tailored to NoMagic’s needs!

  • Fully customized set of transformations
  • Components to read from proprietary formats
  • Allows quick creation of complex conversion rules
  • Extends Cameo InterOp cabilities
  • Based on Sodius MDWorkbench
DOORS Requirements and DOORS Systems Engineering Tool

DOORS Migration Toolkit

For Jama, Sodius has built a world-class solution to help you move active data from IBM DOORS to Jama. Jama’s import capabilities for IBM DOORS include the ability to bring along the requirements, test cases, and other information.

  • Use data created from IBM Rational DOORS in Jama
  • Easy to set-up and use

Medini Analyze

At ANSYS, Medini Analyze is an integrated solution to support activities around safety with a need to integrate with engineering processes. At Sodius we provide that critical integration brick, which allows Medini to connect to IBM Rational Rhapsody, Sparx Enterprise Architect, and others.

  • Implement traceability over the functional safety lifecycle
  • Complete integration with engineering tools
  • Incorporate safety into product development processes

Tasktop Sync’s connector for IBM Rational DOORS is able to synchronize modules and requirements in DOORS into your software delivery process – with tools such as HP Quality Center and Jira.

Go to the Tasktop website to watch a video that illustrates Requirements Management – Test Planning Alignment software lifecycle integration patterns and learn more about some of the other integration patterns for DOORS.


Tasktop Sync’s connector for PTC Integrity can bring your requirements captured in PTC Integrity to your entire delivery team, no matter which applications they are using. In particular, users of our connector get the following benefits:

  • Improved consistency of information across ALM tools
  • Remove the need to enter the same data into multiple ALM tools
  • Distribute information throughout the enterprise’s engineering communities automatically
  • Eliminate time consuming meetings to update status across teams

With the use of Sodius technology, BTC EmbeddedTester® provides a bridge to the requirements management tools DOORS and PTC Integrity. This integration brings a seamless and bi-directional traceability between tests and requirements and avoids in particular the error prone usage of 3rd party import/export formats like Excel or csv.

BTC EmbeddedTester and Engineering Software Tools and PTC Windchill
IBM Rational Tools and PTC Systems Engineering

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