SodiusWillert and IBM

With SodiusWillert technology, IBM is able to offer unique capabilities for their flagship tool IBM Rhapsody.

IBM Rhapsody Ada

Ada code generation from UML models is a defining function that allows Rhapsody to cater to needs in the Aerospace and Defense market. SodiusWillert provides IBM with the Ada code generator; supporting Ada 83, 95, 2005, 2012, in addition to the following features:

  • Source code reverse-engineering
  • Dynamic model-to-code association
  • Full behavior modeling
  • Animated model-based execution

Rhapsody Rules Composer

Tool integration with the environment as well as to their peers is key to foster market adoption. With Rules Composer, models created in Rhapsody can be transformed to be used beyond the tool’s boundaries. With Rules Composer customized code generators can be quickly configured.

  • Model-to-model transformation
  • Specialized code generator
  • Connectors for many proprietary formats available
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Rhapsody for AUTOSAR

The AUTOSAR toolkit by SodiusWillert is the entry point for IBM Rhapsody in the arena of standard software modeling for the automotive industry. The toolkit supports import/export to the ARXML format.

  • Full implementation of the AUTOSAR profile for UML
  • ARXML import/export
  • High-performance processing
  • Support for engineering product lines

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