Defense Integration Solutions

How we help the Defense industry

We equip our clients in defense with strategic integration solutions to accelerate their design and collaboration processes.

Design Review Process with SECollab

Design Review Process with SECollab

We support our defense clients in their mission to accelerate the collaboration processes across value chain and procurement.

For the defense industry, we adapt our SECollab design review platform to support the NATO Architecture Framework (NAF) and other defense-specific needs.

data extraction and transformation services to federate

Data Federation Platform Leverages W3C Resource Description Framework (RDF)

Industries in the defense sector and beyond use a variety of tools to support their engineering needs.

We provide data extraction and transformation services to federate, i.e. gather all data formats in a seamless and uniform manner in our SECollab platform.

After transformation, engineering data sets are expressed in RDF and can be explored in a web browser.


Systems Engineering is About Format and Tool Convergence

Systems Engineering is complex and inevitably leads to a diverse data flow stemming from tools and format.

SodiusWillert is the number one company in the world for enabling model-driven data collaboration across a large set of tools and formats.


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