What to expect from the webinar:

  • Use cases. Introduction to Jira + Polarion use cases fulfilled with our connector.
  • Features. We will cover features such as:
    • Create secure and trusted links
    • Create Jira tickets from within Polarion
    • Track Polarion Change Requests from Jira
    • Access current data from Jira via rich hovers
    • Access Polarion Requirements from Jira
    • Drag and Drop Jira Issues into Polarion
    • Visualize your Collaboration Links
    • Observe Jira attributes in Polarion
    • Observe Polarion Status and Priority within Jira with Decorators
  • Q&A: Submit any questions you might have to our Jira + Polarion integration expert.

Extend your tools' capabilities to new use cases

deliver more value

Deliver more value


Ensure that you are designing to the latest requirements by accessing the latest requirements without leaving Jira.

seamless collaboration

Seamless collaboration


Enable seamless collaboration across disparate teams, access to real-time data across critical tools, and maximize your development process.

ensure visibility

Ensure visibility


Seamlessly link Jira and Polarion ALM for bi-directional traceability, live access to requirements, and change/implementation status from Polarion ALM.

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