What is the Publisher for Rhapsody?

Move Models from Rhapsody to MagicDraw.

Whether your goal is to migrate to MagicDraw or deliver in the MagicDraw format, the Publisher for Rhapsody makes model recreation easy and repeatable.

Publish your Rhapsody models in MagicDraw.

Publish your Rhapsody models to MagicDraw to deliver mandated file formats for a customer. Explore your Rhapsody models in MagicDraw for projects that mandate the use of MagicDraw for development. Keep your team, training, and licenses with your Rhapsody investment and still deliver to the program’s requirements.

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Explore and Deliver Mandated File Formats.

With the rise in rigor for mission and safety-critical systems, there’s one tool that has recently seen tremendous growth: Dassault Systèmes Catia‘s MagicDraw (also known as Cameo System Modeler or Cameo EA).

It is now becoming the de facto SysML modeling tool for the aerospace and defense community which requires organizations to deliver the newly required SysML file format of Cameo (MagicDraw) to their customers.

At Sodius Corp., we understand the need for SysML tool flexibility and the requirement to distribute SysML models in the required format. It is critical that an enabling SysML model transformation solution must be able to quickly transform high-quality model elements, structure, and diagram layouts.

With guidance from the A&D market, we've developed the Publisher for Rhapsody: an automated model transformation tool from IBM Rhapsody to Cameo MagicDraw.

Please join our live webinar to learn how the MagicDraw Publisher for Rhapsody can help you quickly migrate or publish your IBM Rhapsody models to the Cameo MagicDraw file format.


Why Choose the Publisher for Rhapsody?


Save Engineering Time

Save months or years of critical engineering resources converting and validating re-written models. With the Publisher for Rhapsody, users of Rhapsody can automate the migration or publication of models to MagicDraw and meet industry standards within minutes.


Maintain Data Integrity


Manually migrating data from one SysML tool to another can be prone to error. Accurately migrate model elements, diagram and, layouts created in your Rhapsody model to MagicDraw, and ensure the quality of model migrations remains truthful through full data integrity.


Improve Your ROI


Building complex Rhapsody models and correctly converting them into MagicDraw can take engineering teams months or even years to complete. The Publisher for Rhapsody automates model migrations and significantly reduces critical manpower costs.