How to export Rhapsody SysML models to Cameo Systems Modeler/MagicDraw

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Export your IBM Rhapsody systems models to the Cameo/MagicDraw file format. The MagicDraw Publisher for Rhapsody is a SysML model transformation automation tool from IBM Rhapsody to Cameo MagicDraw.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how the MagicDraw Publisher for Rhapsody helps you:

  • Migrate SysML model elements and diagrams, including structure and hierarchy, from Rhapsody to MagicDraw.
  • Accurately migrate Diagrams to MagicDraw realizing the modeler intent of layout and content while adopting the style conventions of MagicDraw.
  • Configure the diagram and element display options in MagicDraw to align with your project modeling guidelines

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