Export or Migrate Systems Models to Cameo Systems Modeler/MagicDraw

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Breaking the Systems Modeling tool dependency for MBSE

In Aerospace and Defense, some DoD contracts have mandated delivery of MagicDraw/Cameomodels. For organizations heavily invested in IBM Rhapsody, IBM Rational Software Architect, or UNICOM Software Architect, this impedes their productivity and quality by an implied mandate of changing tools.

So, when your customer requires models to be delivered in a different tool format such as Cameo/MagicDraw, a tool in which your organization is not proficient, what can you do?

Join Robin Mikola for an introduction to the MagicDraw Publisher product range. Robin will show you how you can export your system's models to Cameo MagicDraw in the push of a button using the MagicDraw Publishers.

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