Webinar: Model to Model - Traceability between Modeling Domains made easy

In modern modeling environments, it is common to have multiple models with different views of the same model. These models often have identical or partially identical elements, which can be difficult and time-consuming to maintain with a manual "copy-paste" system. This can also cause traceability issues in Aspice environments or certification projects. To address these challenges, SodiusWillert has developed M2M (Model to Model), a rule-based model changer that automatically synchronizes and transforms data between models.

M2M is based on Rhapsody and can transfer data between models with different profiles such as UAF, UML, SysML, and AUTOSAR. An extension to M2M called MDWorkbench also allows models from different modeling tools to be transformed into Rhapsody.

M2M not only performs an initial transformation using Rhapsody's built-in diffmerge tool but also automatically synchronizes any changes made to the models. M2M includes predefined rules for exchanges between AUTOSAR and SysML or UML that can be customized to meet specific needs.

M2M can be used in a variety of situations, such as transferring models between systems and software or using Rhapsody in an AUTOSAR environment in conjunction with RTE tools from Vector, Siemens, or ElectroBit.


May 11th,  2023
10 AM EST - 4 PM CET


Webinar - English language


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Walter van der Heiden


Webinar: Model to Model - Traceability between Modeling Domains made easy