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Convert and import Cameo models into IBM Rhapsody in 3 easy steps

Prepare your design in Cameo Systems Modeler

The first step to converting your Cameo/MagicDraw models to IBM Rhapsody is to prepare your Cameo/MagicDraw models.

Install the Publisher for Rhapsody plugin

The Publisher for Rhapsody is a stand-alone plugin for Rhapsody. Be sure to have administrator rights on the computer the plugin will be installed in Rhapsody.

Run the Publisher for Rhapsody

Once launched, the plugin will process the conversion for you. Within a few minutes, you will have access to a fully functional model reusable in your Cameo Systems Modeler.

Save hours of development time. Try our Cameo to Rhapsody converter, today.


Publisher for Rhapsody - Cameo Importer makes it easy to convert and import UML, SysML, or UPDM Cameo and MagicDraw models into a compatible IBM Rhapsody file format.

Exchange large models within minutes
Large UML, SysML, or UPDM models are common in mission-critical industries. Whether it is 100s of diagrams or 1000s, automatically convert small or large files in minutes instead of manually re-creating all of your work.

Maintain data integrity during the conversion
Publisher for Rhapsody - Cameo Importer converts all UML, UPDM, or SysML elements such as hierarchy, diagrams, and relationships to ensure 100% compatibility in IBM Rhapsody. For UPDM elements, it converts Architecture Description, Packages, and Viewpoints. 

Data protection
Publisher for Rhapsody - Cameo Importer doesn’t upload or process any of your data. Everything happens securely inside your Cameo or MagicDraw file, and converted files are downloaded directly to your computer. Your data remains yours at all times.

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This did in 2 months what could have taken 2 years

Learn how the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Army save engineering time and migrated using the Publisher for Rhapsody.

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Why Choose the Publisher for Rhapsody - Cameo Importer?


Save Engineering Time

Save months or years of critical engineering resources converting and validating re-written models. Automate the conversion of MagicDraw models to IBM Rhapsody and meet industry standards within minutes.

Data Integrity-39*35px

Maintain Data Integrity

Manually migrating data from one SysML tool to another can be prone to error. The Publisher for Rhapsody - Cameo Importer accurately imports model elements, diagrams, and layouts created in your MagicDraw model to IBM Rhapsody.


Improve Your ROI

Building complex models and correctly converting them into IBM Rhapsody can take engineering teams months or even years to complete. The Publisher for Rhapsody - Cameo Importer automates model migrations and significantly reduces critical manpower costs.