Automate Model Migration from IBM® Rhapsody® to Cameo MagicDraw®.

The Publisher generates complete MagicDraw models from Rhapsody, including:

  • All model elements, structure, and hierarchy
  • SysML Diagrams - maintaining layout
  • Full logging of model transformation actions
  • Configurable diagram layouts

What Can You Leverage During Your 14-Day Evaluation Period?

Access in Evaluation Mode

Obtain access to our support desk for help documentation and technical support for the duration of your trial.

Node-Locked License

Receive a local, node-locked, license that enables access to the trial version of the Publisher for Rhapsody on your machine.

Access to Our Support Desk

Obtain access to our support desk for help documentation and technical support for the duration of your trial.

What Can the Publisher for Rhapsody Do for You?

Migrate Model Artifacts

The Publisher for Rhapsody faithfully migrates SysML model artifacts, including structure and hierarchy, from Rhapsody to MagicDraw.

Migrate Diagrams

SysML diagrams are faithfully migrated to MagicDraw realizing the modeler intent of layout and content while adopting the style conventions of MagicDraw. Advanced configuration options exist to configure the default visualizations in MagicDraw to align to your local conventions.


This did in 2 months what could have taken 2 years

Learn how the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Army save engineering time and migrated using the Publisher for Rhapsody.

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Why Choose the Publisher for Rhapsody?


Save Engineering Time

Save months or years of critical engineering resources converting and validating re-written models. Automate the migration or publication of models to MagicDraw and meet industry standards within minutes with the Publisher for Rhapsody.

Data Integrity-39*35px

Maintain Data Integrity

Manually migrating data from one SysML tool to another can be prone to error. The Publisher for Rhapsody accurately migrates model elements, diagram and, layouts created in your Rhapsody model to MagicDraw


Improve Your ROI

Building complex Rhapsody models and correctly converting them into MagicDraw can take engineering teams months or even years to complete. The Publisher for Rhapsody automates model migrations and significantly reduces critical manpower costs.

Our customers trust our technology