Connect Atlassian Jira with IBM DOORS and DOORS Next Generation with OSLC Connect for Jira.

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Why Choose OSLC Connect for Jira?


Seamlessly Connect Jira for Maximum Performance

OSLC Connect for Jira is an intuitive application that extends the capability of your Jira installation. Using Jira’s native APIs, connect Jira to your engineering applications to enable collection, interpretation, sharing, and exchange of real-time data across your workflows for maximum performance.


Maximize Visibility Across The Project

Whether you’re connecting Jira with IBM’s ELM products or other OSLC-compliant products, you can easily achieve visibility in Requirements Management, Architecture Management, Quality Management, and Change Management from concept to implementation.

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Improve Product Development Cycle Time

Linked data assures the availability of current data without synchronization. Real-time data is available via links and previews across repositories. Engineers can now make critical decisions faster, with greater confidence, all while using their tool of choice.

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